A Competitive Capital Structure and Growth Plan

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What makes TransAlta a solid investment?

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With over 100 years of experience in the power generation industry,TransAlta's proven expertise has created a company with a diversified asset base – both in fuel type and geography.With our refocused strategy and financial discipline,we expect to grow cash flows from existing assets as well as develop new renewable generation for today,and tomorrow.

Diversified asset base

TransAlta operates over 65 facilities generating approximately 9,700 MW in three countries.Our assets include:

Long-lifehydrofacilities,some of which have been generating for over 100 years.

Coalunits in Alberta and Washington state,providing reliable generation that is required to support the large industrial demand.We plan to convert these plants to gas generation in the future,extending the life and providing cleaner,low-cost energy to consumers.

turbines,which provide clean energy to the grid with minimal impact to the environment.

Solarin Massachusetts,which has provided us with the expertise to operate and develop future solar generation.This knowledge has been helpful as we developed the Goonumbla solar farm,an 80 MW facility in Australia that we expect will be in service by 2019.

Gasgeneration in Alberta,Ontario and Western Australia.

Financial and operational summary