今天,Forrester Research发表了The Forrester Wave™: Cloud-Native Continuous Integration Tools, Q3 2019, and we are proud to announce that CircleCI has once again been named a Leader. This is Forrester’s second report on the space, and also the second time we’ve been recognized as the only standalone continuous integration provider among the pack.

The report stresses that organizations across verticals are under immense pressure to deliver software faster than before. CI/CD is a mission-critical component of making sure teams can deliver quality software quickly. That’s why we focus all of our time and resources on delivering the best experience to customers. Our focus on CI/CD as a best-in-class, standalone tool enables us to deliver the most flexibility, power, and control to organizations who need a competitive edge in their delivery process.

在Circleci,持续集成不仅仅是一家事业 - 这是我们提供的核心。

“To be really good, fast, and to provide confidence, you have to be focused.这就是为什么我们在CI / CD周围采取了这种深刻的方法。这不仅仅是旋转计算;有这么多的智慧进入它。“- Circleci Ceo,Jim Rose

Our singular focus is what allows us to build the most intelligent and performant CI/CD tooling on the market. That’s all we do. And because we believe developers’ ability to choose best-in-class tooling is so important, we invest in extensibility, making the cost of integration with other key tools easy and low.


Here’s where CircleCI gained top marks in this year’s report:

  • 支持for a variety of build systems and preconfigured environments: The report states, “CircleCI provides a large number of preconfigured environments, something enterprises tell Forrester they look for to help them jumpstart their efforts to get into the cloud.” We also support developers who are building for macOS, Linux, Android and most recently视窗

  • Circleci.orbs:去年秋天我们介绍了一个叫做的机制orbs这允许第三方为开发人员提供预预订的集成供水管道。118金宝博娱乐城Forrester笔记,“Circleci的Orb技术允许客户轻松集成和维护第三方应用程序,从而创建更多弹性的构建管道。”自2018年11月推出以来,Orbs已被Circleci用户广泛采用,超过11,000个组织,使用超过28,000个项目和5,770,000个CI / CD管道。这些球体提供的功能,灵活性和控制使Circleci成为取得成功的最快和最可靠的路线。

  • 支持for enterprise compliance with multiple certifications such as FedRAMP:在报告中,Forrester笔记,“也强烈地考虑了[Circleci]支持企业遵守Fedramp等多种认证。”金宝博娱乐官网网址我们为自己成为第一个CI / CD解决方案而自豪FEDRAMP于2018年认证。通过此授权,整个联邦开发人员社区可以访问CI / CD工具,可信赖于世界上一些最具创新性公司每月运行超过3000万个建筑物。


  • 缺乏迁移工具: At CircleCI, we do not believe in a “lift and shift” model or the belief that importing copied-and-pasted configuration is the best model to serve our customers. Instead, we create an intuitive configuration format and cookbooks of common patterns done right, enabling teams with experience in other CI systems to quickly migrate their pipelines. Our 900+ orbs make the repetition of common build, test, and deploy patterns in configuration and setup trivial.

  • 杂交CI.:今天你不能使用我们的云来协调自己的构建舰队,但这是我们的长期路线图。

  • Comprehensive UX: Forrester wants to see support for desktop IDEs, a WebUI that blends information and commands (GUI) in one display, and the ability to support developer collaboration through third-party tools or in the IDE or WebUI. Because config is code, using CircleCI developers can collaborate on advancing pipeline maturity just as they do on code and tests, including with PRs and code reviews.

CI / CD是我们所做的一切。这是故意的:我们认为它应该得到我们的全部关注。We’ve leveraged our nine years of experience helping companies grow from startups to Fortune 500s, combined with the largest amount of build data in our nascent industry, to create the best continuous integration and continuous development tool there is, and the only one designed specifically for developers. With CircleCI, developers can spend their time doing what matters most - whether it’s building a self-driving car, a Bitcoin exchange, or the next big music platform, and doing it more quickly, more effectively, and at scale.

我们再次收到客户的意见,即Circleci的快速反馈导致更好的决策,更好的安全性和更高的吞吐量。我们为今年的Forrester Wave提供多年来我们所知道的东西的感到自豪:开发团队关心性能,它们是对他们的工具进行挑剔,他们将寻求一流的CI / CD。